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Introducing Educational Friday!

We live in an age now with so much access to information. It's pretty amazing but also comes...

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How to take FNCE to the Next Level

Countdown has begun! It is that time of year to get ready for FNCE® (Food and Nutrition Conference...

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Good vs Great Practitioner

This past week in a group I help facilitate and coach a group (let me know if you...

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This week, we're featuring the lovely Kailyn Jopling for our RD Profile of the Week! Kailyn finds her...

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Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve

Has this happened to you, where you see a post on social media and you think, "I should...

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Transformation Takes Education & Belief

Are you on target to accomplish your goals? How is marketing going in your practice? Do you have...

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Mindset: Scarcity vs. Abundance

"More than enough pie/ cheese/ wine  to go around!"  I am sure you have heard this saying before...

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The Biggest Reason Some Practices are winning and others are not…

What causes some practice owners to crush it and other to not? Why does it feel like some...

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Lunch Ideas for School or Work!

Whether your kiddos are going back to school or you just need some inspiration for lunch at work,...

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Fille’r Up- Part 4 – Networking

Our last post in this series of how to fill up your practice with clients. I do hope...

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Fille’r Up- Marketing for Introverts vs Extroverts – Part 3

Where do you get your energy? Are you one of those people who feels energized by doing all...

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Fille’r Up- Part 2 -Back to School- Niching Down to Your Ideal Client

Did you make it to the bus stop in time today?! If you are like most everyone else...

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