This week, we’re featuring the lovely Kailyn Jopling for our RD Profile of the Week!

Kailyn finds her passion in helping people build a healthy relationship with food. Shebelieves balance, variety, and moderation are the foundation for a happy and healthy nutrition plan and enjoys helping people meet their own nutrition goals.
Q: What brought you into nutrition?
Kailyn: I have always been a foodie! I find food to be fascinating. Food is a part of every culture and I think it’s so cool how it connects us! I also struggled with digestive issues when I was younger, as well as having friends who  struggled with disordered eating and wanted to understand the body and brain more through nutrition.
Q: What is your favorite part about the day as a dietitian?
Kailyn: Empowering my clients to build trust around food again! I love helping people along their journey toward a healthy relationship with food. I also love geeking out about nutrition science and all the amazing things nutrition can do to help the body!
Q: What is your go-to snack on a busy day?
Kailyn: My go to snack depends on if I want salty or sweet! I love chocolate covered almonds, sweet and salty popcorn and fruit, but right now it’s cheese and crackers with cucumber!
Q: What is your favorite dinner to cook at home?
Kailyn: Tacos! All things tacos! I love being able to switch it up with what goes in my tacos,
Mix in some seasonal veggies, new spices and different proteins! I also love cooking salmon a 100 different ways, but my absolute favorite is red curry salmon paired with eggplant, spinach and coconut jasmine rice! I love lots of flavor, yum!
Q: What is a fun fact that people might not know about you?
Kailyn: I am left handed, from NY, and use to work at the oldest public hospital in the US!

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