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“More than enough pie/ cheese/ wine  to go around!”  I am sure you have heard this saying before in your life talking about the mindset of abundance. Yet when we change around the situation from pie (wine) to clients in a private practice setting the scarcity mindset will over ride. Or at least it can be the mindset of some people. When that mindset changes from abundance to scarcity it is amazing how the person practice closes off too!

How I See Abundance Mindset

Once I learn something I have this NEED to share it with others. I want to let others understand and not have the same pit falls that I did. I truly believe there is more than enough clients to go around in this world. And I also believe that not every client and I will be a perfect match and I want to guide them to find the best practitioner for them.

For example, if we are sitting in a huge football stadium right now and there are 20,000 + people in that stadium. There is no way I could possible provided care to a fraction of those people. Now think about how big your city is, there are just as many people who need care! I believe there need to be more practitioners than just you so people can have adequate care.

As you venture into your practice cultivating a mindset of abundance will help you to grow in a manner that feels easy. When we allow scarcity and fear to be a part of our vocabulary you become nervous and afraid to make a mistake. As a result, your practice suffers.

How can you build a life of abundance mindset vs scarcity


Who doesn’t love the inspirational quotes we see all over social media?! If you are like me and I am pretty sure we are two peas in a pod, I can’t get enough of them! Being able to express your appreciations daily has been shown to improve your overall mindset. In 2007, Robert Emmons began researching gratitude through a psychological lens. He found that expressing gratitude improves mental, physical and relational well-being. Being grateful also impacts how you interact with others leading to growth in your practice.

Action Item: Write down 3 things you are grateful daily. Don’t over think it. Start cultivating positive energy into your practice by expressing your gratitude.

Challenges as Opportunities 

As you begin your practice and even if you are a seasoned practitioner you will be faced with challenges almost daily. Some of those challenges will be HUGE and others you will breeze right over. How you continue to get to that breezed flow when coming to challenges is shifting the mindset of challenges to opportunities.Face the challenge with optimism and make sure your attitude is in check. You’ll be surprised at how quickly problems dissolve and how soon optimism becomes your default mechanism.

Action Item: Notice, when you have negative thoughts and see, have you can shift them 2%. I am not saying to be sunshine and butterflies about the hard stuff. I am asking you to shift your mindset and view of the hard stuff by 2%.

Share to Fill up Your Bucket

Abundance comes from the root of who you are. When you feel scared about not having enough and hold onto things, then that is what will continue to show up in your life. Give more of what you want. Although it may sound counterintuitive, one of the best ways to increase your abundance is to give. Don’t feel like you have enough time? Slip away from your obligations, even if just for an hour, to help someone in need. Don’t feel like you have enough money? Give to someone less fortunate. In other words, be a river, not a reservoir. Giving is sure to put you in a more abundant and appreciative frame of mind.

Action Iteam: Find a way to fill out someone’s bucket. There is a fine line between giving away your services for free and filling up others bucket as a way to cultivate abundance. 

I do hope that today’s blog post has helped you to see that building an abundance mindset is all about how you see things around you. Be thankful, positive and give back and I promise your practice will continue to grow beyond your imagination!


By Adrien Paczosa

Adrien Paczosa is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian practicing in Austin, Texas and the surrounding counties. Adrien is also a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian(CEDRD). Adrien began her path towards nutrition through her falling down. She has been a dancing since age 2 and in college was a Kilgore College Rangerette. During a practice, she took a fall and broke her foot, and that sparked the ideas of needing a new direction in her life. After graduating in 2003 from the University of Illinois - Chicago with a bachelor of science degree in Human Nutrition, Adrien began her career as a staff dietitian at the hospital in downtown Chicago. She was promoted to the hospital’s Director of Food Service and Nutrition and was responsible for all food preparation as well as patient nutritional care. While working at her clinical job, Adrien maintained her passion for movement by working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in downtown Chicago. In 2006, Adrien returned to Texas to be close to family, friends, and warmer weather! She opened her private practice, I Live Well Nutritional Therapy in 2007 and has only continued to grown. To date, iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy has multiple locations, contracts with numerous corporations and treatment centers, and currently, five dietitians are employed under iLiveWell. “Creating better access to dietitians!” has been one of the driving forces of Adrien’s company.

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