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What do you do?

Have you really thought about this? When you go to a party or an event and someone asks you what do you do for a living do you have a direct and pinpointed answer, or do you waffle around trying to come up with something? Taking time right now getting clear on how you serve your ideal client will help you become clear and direct in all your actions in setting up your practice. From online communication to in person meetings, knowing your position statement helps you to feel solid in your practice always.

Define your position

Starting out in your private practice can sometimes feel a bit hard, ok let’s be real…it is hard. I remember that when I started I have a HUGE case of the imposture syndrome and had to work on establishing myself as an expert in my area. Over time becoming clear on my positioning and eventually writing out my positioning statement really helped get past all those insecurities. In this blog, we are going to work on crafting your positioning statement. Let’s first get clear on what a positioning statement is. This statement expresses how you will serve the needs of your clients by identifying yourself an expert. Seems easy enough and totally difficult all in one! No pressure, this statement will act as a roadmap for your practice marketing and serve as a guidepost for all your marketing plans.

How to write your positioning statement

Right now, I want you to think about the one thing that never changes no matter what! For example, from today to 20 years down the road will you be doing grocery store tours? Maybe not, maybe you will get burnt out of grocery shopping.  As you write your positioning statement keep in mind this statement will carry you through the years as your practice grows and changes. It blends who you are with what you do

Take time right now to put pen to paper and fill in the blanks below.

I’m a _________________ (easiest to understand titlte)

I help clients (new moms, picky eaters, newly diagnosed DM)_______________________________ to ___________________________________

(word or phrase that sets you apart and give you flavor) _______________________________ (break rules being yourself, through a no-diet approch,etc.)

Here is my example:

I am registarted dieitian and owner of a clinic and an online academy. I help other dietitians create their private practice by coaching them through the right steps in order to build their dream practice.


How to use your statement

Commit it to memory! So next time you are at an event, party or even introducing yourself at a lecture having this statement committed to memory helps you to build confidence and athrotiy, even if you might not feel it always. Lastly, you can use this statement on your website, social media profile, and even how you introduce yourself to other professionals.


By Adrien Paczosa

Adrien Paczosa is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian practicing in Austin, Texas and the surrounding counties. Adrien is also a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian(CEDRD). Adrien began her path towards nutrition through her falling down. She has been a dancing since age 2 and in college was a Kilgore College Rangerette. During a practice, she took a fall and broke her foot, and that sparked the ideas of needing a new direction in her life. After graduating in 2003 from the University of Illinois – Chicago with a bachelor of science degree in Human Nutrition, Adrien began her career as a staff dietitian at the hospital in downtown Chicago. She was promoted to the hospital’s Director of Food Service and Nutrition and was responsible for all food preparation as well as patient nutritional care. While working at her clinical job, Adrien maintained her passion for movement by working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in downtown Chicago. In 2006, Adrien returned to Texas to be close to family, friends, and warmer weather! She opened her private practice, I Live Well Nutritional Therapy in 2007 and has only continued to grown. To date, iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy has multiple locations, contracts with numerous corporations and treatment centers, and currently, five dietitians are employed under iLiveWell. “Creating better access to dietitians!” has been one of the driving forces of Adrien’s company.

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