Meet Adrien Paczosa! Oh wait, who doesn’t already know Adrien?!

This fabulous magical unicorn brings 14 years of experience to the table. Not only is she RD, but she is also a CEDRD (Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian). She is the founder of ILiveWell Nutrition and by this year, the private practice has been up and running for 10 years! To help you get to know our wonderful staff here at ILiveWell Nutrition a little more, we are doing little Q&As with all of our awesome dietitians!

Q: What brought you into nutrition?
Adrien: I don’t know. I didn’t really put too much thought into it, I just thought everyone loved food! I’m glad I didn’t over-think this choice though becauseI love being a dietitian!

Q: What is your favorite part about the day as a dietitian?
Adrien: No matter if I’m talking to a client or coaching a new dietitian, I LOVE helping people come up with their own new plans and seeing them follow through.

Q: What is your “go-to” snack on a busy day?
Adrien: Hmm. I love putting cheese on crackers with some deli meat. Sometimes when I am driving, I am able to rip up the cheese and make little meat and cheese cracker sandwiches! Haha not safe, but delicious!

Q: What is your favorite dinner to cook at home?
Adrien: I’m a classic southern girl. I love cooking steak, potatoes, and brussels sprouts – and of course with some red wine, always.

Q: What is a fun fact that people may not know about you?
Adrien: I was a backup dancer for ZZ Top and Jessica Simpson!


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