This week we present to you the wonderful Kathy Kimbrough!

Kathy has been with ILiveWell Nutrition for about 3 years now. She has an “all foods fit” nutrition philosophy and strives to have a weight-inclusive approach. She believes nutrition truly impacts one’s health throughout their life journey and that it’s always a good time to make positive change. Keep reading to find out more about Kathy in our little mini-interview below!


Q: What brought you into nutrition?
Kathy: I’d always been interested in science, biology in particular and I love to cook. I had a meandering path theme to my career but knew that whatever I did, I wanted to help people. Studying nutrition seemed like a good way to meld those together.
Q: What is your favorite part about the day as a dietitian?
Kathy: I always leave the office knowing that I did good in the world and helped someone get closer to finding peace with food.
Q: What is your go-to snack on a busy day?
Kathy: Right now I’m digging any kind of Noosa yogurt usually with fruit. I’m also into any kind of spicy nuts mixed with dried apricots. And cheese and crackers, always cheese and crackers.
Q: What is your favorite dinner to cook at home?
Kathy: Once a year my mom and I make homemade ravioli for my dad’s birthday. We always have a ton of family over for the event so it’s a huge production- it literally takes an entire day to make them. Last year I think we made 250 ravioli! It’s a recipe from my great grandmother (Nona) who was born in Sicily and who knows how old the recipe actually is. I always like to think about the history of that recipe and all the years my Nona and grandma would make them for us and how someday I will teach my own kids. It’s truly a labor of love and one of the best parts is everyone sitting around the table at the end of the night, laughing and having a good time, sharing a delicious meal.
Q: What is a fun fact that people might not know about you?
Kathy: Going to cosmetology school is one stop on my meandering path that got me to the ILW office.


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