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The wellness programs we offer your employees are infused with passion, motivation and enthusiasm. Start with one seminar conducted by our knowledgeable professional, add a health fair with a staff that can really educate and encourage your employees to adopt healthier habits. Then implement a health challenge that creates team spirit, energizes your employees and results in lasting lifestyle changes. Start small, create big results!

iLiveWell Nutrition s offers a variety of nutrition services, including energetic and informative lunch & learn seminars, individual employee consultations, and group weight management and wellness programs.

Nutrition is an essential component to wellness. It is a broad topic that can be incorporated into many facets of the workplace. With recent statistics showing 62% of Americans are overweight or obese, it makes financial sense for employers to invest in effective nutrition education. iLiveWell lunch and learn seminars connect the dots between health screenings (which inform employees about health risks) and adopting new behavior changes. Programs range from single 45-minute lunch-and-learn sessions to multi-session behavior modification courses.

If your employees are ready to make changes to improve their health, contact us today!

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